Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bonanza bag of awesomeness, and other great finds.

I have approximately 20 mins to write this but I had to get it down as she has just dozed off.  

Yesterday's weekly second hand shop find was a doozy. Do you have any idea how much baby shoes cost??  It is criminal.  These on the other hand were €4 and €1.50 respectively.  The ones on the left seemed really well made, from a company called Clic, which after a bit of research I discovered probably cost at least €60+  It is bonkers.  Who pays that?  The other ones are not really my taste, not really into the fluffy nonsense, but they fit her now and they stay on.  With the right trousers the tops can be tucked under so you don't see them.  SCORE!

On another note, this arrived on my door step the other day.  Quite literally on my door step.  Now I apologise for the iffy photography.  I can take quite a fetching snap when I choose to.  I have even sold a few (see my Etsy shop).  But in my giddy haste to get at it and because it was evening and I didn't want to faff around, it was taken with my wonderful little compact.  Full flash!  Screw it.  I needed to get in.  

What followed was a series of ooh's and aah's to rival any firework display.  I think there may have also been dancing.  My lovely neighbour Debbie, like a lot of the Dutch has a caravan.  I am not a fan of camping in any way shape or form, but Debbie's little caravan could almost convert me.  Almost.  It is AWESOME.  Its kitch, retro, vintage and funky as all hell.  George and I had a wee poke around and I fell in love with all her fabrics and funky styling.  "I have a few bags full of fabric's like these that I know I'll do nothing with.  Would you like them?" Oh hell's yes!  So here is a snippet of some of the stuff that came out.

"Is it Christmas?" asked Matt when he found these hanging up with the oven gloves in the kitchen? "No honey, they are just awesome" say I. Sighing and eye rolling follows but he lets it slide.

These little gems have yet to find a home but some how they will be put into rotation.

This is part of a lovely vintage embroidered table cloth that is in perfect condition.  It has just come out of the washing machine and is not ironed as I am a firm believer in only ironing seams, and the odd shirt when it is required.  The other little panel is now hanging up on Monkey's room.  Also a bit of vintage embroidery.

Two matching egg cosy's, (this one is currently incubating some of my medication that usually on top of the drawers in the living room) much prettier. 

Two rather fetching runners. (also not ironed in my haste to get them out)

A bunch of ribbons and notions to make any seamstress giddy,

 and a whole lot more.

Unlike most husband's, mine has very definite opinions about what gets hung up, decorated or generally used in our apartment.  He let's me get away with quite a lot so I can't complain, but I am not allowed to unleash the full fury of my clutter.  Sometime's I try to sneak things in, hoping he won't notice.  It may take him a few days, but he always spots it in the end.  So I am not sure what will happen with my bag of goodness.  Or what will become of some of the more 70's fabric's, but I do know they will give me a lot of joy.  Thank's again Deb.  You rock. 

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