Monday, 6 August 2012

Lessons in futility and a small note of thanks.

As of an hour ago, 103 of you looked at my blog!  The big guns of the blog world throw around numbers in the thousands but I am chuffed to pieces with my modest 103.  I don't even know 103 people, so who ever you are, if you have stumbled upon me by mistake or are related to me (yes, this means you dad) then I thank you and will try not to let you down.  

So my day started out reasonably well.  
I woke up.  This means I slept.  (This is not always a given.)  I made two tea's, a bottle and two bowls of muesli, and retreated back to bed to scoff it down before the Monkey woke up.  This was all achieved with relative ease.  I head off for physio with a chipper disposition. 

Futility lesson #1  Delivery drivers are the spawn of Satan.

No matter how often it happens, never be surprised by delivery drivers and how they assume they are the only people on the road.  I could rant for a while on this subject but no,  lets just leave it at, Zoe 1 -  Douche bag 0.

Upon return from the house of pain, my morning ticks along in regular fashion.  Walk the dog, tidy up, laundry, Monkey nap, coffee and blog time.  I want to try to do a bit of learning on this here blog malarkey. This leads me into;

Futility lesson #2  Blog envy.  Walk before you can run.

How in the name of all holy hell do these people do this? Riding the coat tails of yesterday's success of starting this here spiffy blog, I thought I would now start to tweak and personalise.  Oh how naive I was.  I want it all, I want it 5 mins ago and I want it perfect.

For those of you how don't know, along with an impressively list of stuff that is wrong with me, I also suffer from ADD.  I must have looked at half a dozen how to's and all my teflon brain retained was bla bla bla URL bla bla bla permalink.  I have no idea what any of these words mean, let alone how to implement them.  I know in my head what I want it to look like.  I know it is possible.  So why can't I just clickedy click and it all appear.  Alas dear 103, I do not have the knowledge, attention span or patience.  So in lieu of putting my foot through the screen (it almost came to that) I resolve to get hubby on the case.  I already credit him with the links to my Etsy shop and facebook page which took him a frustrating 3 mins to do on his return from work.  Next up book marks and fancy shmancy images.  Ha! who am I kidding.

Futility lesson #3  Teething.

She learned how to spit today with a mouth full of food.  I got a face full and a James Brown-esque laugh.  Awesome.  

She broke me.  The end.

This weekend though, I managed to stay up past 11 o'clock (bonus), sand down some shelves, (this is the before photo).

Sew 4 pairs of pants for the Monkey.

 I was also commissioned with turning this, A Bugaboo Donkey 

into this,

 Using this. (you can see the almost sanded shelves underneath)
 Sadly my work area still looks like this.  Tomorrow, tomorrow.

I will be making some more of the Bugaboo hood covers and posting them in my Etsy shop.  I will I will I will.  Pinky swear.  Just need to squeeze a few more hours in the day.  

On that note dear 103.  I thank you, and hope to see you again soon.  Now I have to post this as my dad has just called demanding the next instalment.  He also chastised me for swearing.  


  1. Well, dearest will always entertain me in ways that I can only hope to achieve. Please promise that you will not introduce Monkey to the joys of Jelly, I feel that it is my responsibility to instruct her in the true joys of Jelly flinging and squishy stuff. Love youse all

  2. Your God mother privileges are now revoked!