Friday, 21 September 2012

Well hell yes!

I am not a fan of surprise's.  I like a neat organised life that is planned like a son of a bitch.  I think that is one of the reasons why I like this county.  The Dutch are not, on the whole, a spontaneous nation.  They make 'appointments' months in advance for the simplest of get together's.  Seriously I have a lunch appointment scheduled with a friend in October.  I love it.  For my cluttered little brain, this is Nirvana.

On a tangent... I remember in a time before the mobile phone when you knocked on someone's door to see what they were up to and if they could come out to play.  Now you need a full itinerary who, what, where, when, a medical history and full liability insurance.  But I digress....

So, yesterday one of my best friend's called me up out of the blue to say "hey, I was wondering if you are busy tomorrow?  Thought we might drop by and take the Monkey of your hands for a few hours then come back and bring you lunch".  Well let me think about that for a nano second.  Hell yes!  Not only do I get some 'me Time' (take that you bastard, 1-0 to me today) but lunch too.  I feel like such a rebel.  So with that in mind I have thrown myself around my house to clean a bit and ready myself for some guilt free quality Time with my sewing machine.

On a side bar, in a moment of giddy rapture last night and also in honour of my Papa coming this weekend, I have prepared some chocolate chip cookie dough with 3 different nut variation's.  Salted pecan, Salted macadamia and Salted pecan and cashew.  They are chilling as we speak.  Let's hope they are still here when he arrives.  I will post this recipe later with a full how to as this deserve's to be shared with the world.

Lastly, I have finally finished and bound the quilt for my new niece/nephew.  Anne-Grethe if you are reading this stop now.  Here are a few snap's that I couldn't wait to share.

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