Friday, 2 November 2012

Shame myself into action.

I have had a week of up's and downs.  This usually revolve's around the Monkey child, but in this case, I feel, it is mostly of my own making.  Not that I am above blaming my infant for my short coming, because I am not.  I will quite happily pass the blame buck in her direction at the drop of a hat.  Alas, though my brain will not stop.  I can't turn the damn thing off.  I have so much on my mind that getting thing's done around here is a nightmare.  I won't even tell you of the Armageddon that is my kitchen.  I have this long list of things that I "need to do" but I can't quite seem to get started.  Either that or I started ages ago, and it is quietly mocking me from the corner.

Don't get me wrong I got quite a bit done this week but not what I wanted to.  I usually start each day with a plan.  Thing's I need to do and thing's I would like to do.  It usually goes something like this;

Laundry, general tidy up ready for the days re-trashing.
Play with Monkey,
Feed the Monkey,
Monkey Nap (Now this is when I try to squeeze in the thing's I would like to do)
Monkey stuff, lunch etc out for a bimble around and some fresh air visiting friend's etc..
Monkey Nap (This is when I SHOULD start dinner, or at least get it prepped, but depending on what stage the morning's project is at it could mean a pre-frozen meal or pizza for dinner)
More faffing, groceries, walk the dog, cleaning etc while juggling a Monkey.
Matt come's home and salvation.  Finish dinner and collapse.

In those so precious nap times I had yet another plan.   Let me brake it down (this is mainly for my own peace of mind and to shame me into action)

This week I wanted to make some new drawstring bag's for the shop and for a few commission's.  I had in my head that I was going to make about ten or so.  I have done five.  Not bad I hear you say.

Well what I actually did was use the time for stuff that blatantly did not need doing.  Like this..


..and these..

..all very pretty and I am really pleased with them, but I had another plan.  All the while, in my head whilst making these pretties, I am giving myself a rather stern talking to.  The length's I will go to to avoid finishing something is staggering.

While having a crafty nerd out with a visiting friend this week, I discovered four project's that are so close to being done that it is ridiculous.  Why the hell won't I finish them?  I put them in a bag and hide them from myself.

This one is something I started when I was pregnant with Monkey,  I hope now to make it for my brother's new baby.  Hope being the operative word.

This pair of sock's has sat in a bag for month's, I only need to finish the bloody toe!!!  What the hell is wrong with me.

There is so much more.  This is the admin pile of shame.  The bottom two tray's are stuffed with thing's that need filing.  It is about a year's worth.  Pathetic huh?

With all this said, I did finish something's that I needed to.
These bag's were commissioned and completed on time.

and I finally finished the picture I promised my aunt Pepi I would do for her.  This is going in the post today.

Lastly the irony that I am writing this in "nap time" when I thought I would be making some shoulder strap's and another bag is not lost on me.

So to finish off I will leave you with the latest dose of the Monkey Sauce.

See you next time.

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