Monday, 28 January 2013

January in a nutshell.

It has been a strange few weeks, here in my world.  A veritable roller coaster of ups and downs.  The ups have been amazing, but just when you think you might bust with joy something comes along and gives you a good old swift kick to the metaphorical balls just to put you back in your place.

So, some good news first. The 9th of Jan brought a new addition to the family.  My brother and his lovely fiancée had their baby.  Milly Sophia (how pretty is that name?) was born.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be an aunt (because after all it is about me).  After 24 hrs though things got a little hairy and the little munchkin decided to put everyone through the ringer of worry.  She was a poorly little thing for about a week, but in true Lewis style and drama, she came back with a bang.  Here she is in her teeny perfection.  Seriously, how cute is this kid?

The following weekend my Dad came over from Norway for a visit.

To say that Monkey has him wrapped around her little fingers is an understatement. The plan was that he would come over on the Saturday and leave on the Tuesday.  Mother Nature had other ideas.  It snowed.  So what is the problem with that I hear you ask?  Holland is the most ill equipped country I have ever lived in to deal with even the treat of snow.  It's like the apocalypse.  Everyone panics, it's every man for himself and all forms of transport shut down.  I could go off on a wee rant here on how some people are utter arse holes and have no business being on the roads (It is, after all very challenging to concentrate on driving/riding a bike in inclement weather when your head is up your ass), but I will save that for another time.  So, going back to my Dad, he stayed for a few more days.


While he was here, I finally managed to do a bit of lino carving and printing.  Gosh its fun.



 I even managed to make a new tote bag out of an old Norwegian post sack.  I love it, especially as it has my boy on the back.


I have finally made a start on Monika's quilt.  It is based on the floating block pattern from one of my favourite blogs I love her blog, and her books are fantastic.  If you like quilting then I highly recommend a browse.  Not the best photo, but you get the idea.  I will post more when I make progress.

The following weekend Matt went off to Spain with his sister and the Monkey to visit with his father.  I stayed home with the dog, the wine, my sewing machine, knitting and the TV.  It was bliss.  The only dark cloud is that my boy George is not a well pup.  I am not going to go deeply into it as we are still trying to find out how deep the problem is and if we can fix it.  I am a bit stressed out about it and some what in denial so when I know more I will share.

Finally this weekend, my Mum has come for a long over due visit.  It has been awesome.  She cleans, cooks and generally makes a fuss and looks after us.  I also may have got her into paper piecing.  I de-stashed a bit and she is going to take all the stuff I don't want.  I will drive over some time in the next few months with a car full of fabric and my old sewing machine.  I have ordered a few supplies for her and she is happy as a clam, it would appear that I have infected her with the addiction for crafting.  Sewing is not new to her, she used to make all our clothes and most of her own when we were small so I like to think that I am just reminding her of what she used to love.  
We also went through my odds and ends box and spent a merry afternoon cutting up hexagons in preparation for our respective new projects. She commandeered all the pinks and I went with the blues and greys.

She leaves in a few hours and will be greatly missed.  I think we have managed to convince her to come back soon though. Maybe even to stay.  That, though my friends, is another story.  Thanks for reading to the end, and stay tuned.

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  1. Keep it up. Great to get a photographic view of your life. xxxRob