Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What happens at knit night.....

For those who don't know, I attend a knitting group every other Friday.  It is hosted by my lovely friend Pauline at her even lovelier shop Woool.  It is also where I go to hang out during the day when I need some adult conversation.  Tea/coffee and sympathy are also available.  Mock all you will, (haters gonna hate) but it is generally a bloody good laugh.  I am sure you have an image of a group of old biddies sitting around drinking tea and swapping gout remedies, but you couldn't be farther from the truth.

The age demographic is all over the shop, but mostly we are in out 30's-40's.  I would like to say that we sit and knit and talk of enlightening intelligent things like politics and current affairs.  You would be wrong.  Sit there in your wrongness and be wrong, so very wrong.  I rarely even knit.   It's hard to concentrate when you have so many conversations going on around you.

It is a lot like fight club, but with out the fighting and a lot more wine.  What happens at knit night stays at knit night.  I will say though was last Friday was a corker.  We managed to polish off 8 bottles of wine between 9 of us 3 of which don't drink. So what? I hear you say.  Well I will tell you.  This is in the space of 3 hours, with the most nutritional thing on the table being a cup of pretzels.  At one point it was asked (as the bottles mounted up on the table)  "what is wrong with this picture?" to which I replied with a smile and a moderately drunken slur, "nothing, absolutely nothing at all".

If you had told me 10 years ago, if fact screw it, 5 years ago that this would be the highlight of my month, I would throw my head back and laugh like a banshee. There is nothing like sitting around a table with a group of friends (knitting optional) eating snacks, drinking the beverage of your choice, and putting the world to rights.  It keeps me sane.  It's a safe haven for most of us, a life raft away from the snot, nappy rash, teething (maybe that is just me), and general every day life.  We compare notes on who has had the shittiest week and lament appropriately.  We oooh and ahhh appreciatively at any finished projects (as lets face it, most of the time our spouses couldn't give a toss, and wouldn't notice it you came up to them and slapped them in the face with your freshly knitted and perfectly blocked shawl, or have any idea of the blood, sweat, tears and verbal abuse that went into every stitch), compare notes, and generally so what women do when gathered around together with wine and snacks.  We Laugh.  So thank you ladies.  I have had a stonker of a week so I think I will win the pissing contest next time.

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