Thursday, 30 May 2013

There's life Jim.

After weeks of patient waiting, my seedlings are starting to grow.  I must confess, I was starting to despair.  But nope, there is definite action.

Things have progressed here on the "shoestring" front.  I managed to score all sorts of bits and bobs for the garden.  Donated, thrifted, and made by little old me.  Mostly though I am starting to get that smug satisfaction of know that I am still under budget and things are looking good.  I had planned to go out there today and take some snaps but mother nature once again has decided to thwart me so you will have to make do with some phone piccies.


Just look at those bad boys.  I hate when people buy plants from the garden centre and then chuck away the plastic pot.  Yes, I know they are not good for much but they are good for growing seedlings in.  The big glass jar was found on the street.  Literally on the street!  I was stoked, (not for the littering as that pisses me off) because I has been after something like this to try to make a mini green house.  It worked like a charm.  Gravel in the bottom for drainage then potting soil and a hand full of miscellaneous herb seeds, and we are cooking on gas.

This awesome plant rack was a freebie from my next door neighbour, who also donated an old metal table.  One womans junk is another's treasure.  Or some such platitude.  Either way, I am a happy camper.

My sweet peas, sunflowers are doing well considering we have had precious little sun and the birds have nicked a load too.  Just to spice things up a bit I threw in some herb seeds in the bottom of theses planters too, just to see what happens.  I do believe the dill and the red basil are starting to come out.

It is a gripping life I lead.

I have also finally been back to the sewing machine.  I have so wanted to make some clothes for me, and so scared to do it, that I finally gave myself a kick in the ass and got to it.  I have had my eye on the Washi Dress over at Made by Rae.  I have seen them all over bloggy land and they always look fab.  They have a great fit, and if you are not used to making clothes with shape (ie, you always make kids stuff) then this is a great place to start.  Seriously it is idiot proof and looks fantastic.  I started with the tunic version so it could be a wearable muslin with some vintage fabric.  This was the result.  Not bad eh?  I made a few mistakes, like the the front pleats go the wrong way which annoyed me, and I did one less line of shearing at the back, so it didn't line up, but on the whole, not a bad effort.  I love it.

 Gaining momentum, I decided I wanted to go for the full dress.  I had this fantastic vintage lightweight woven linen that was screaming SUMMER DRESS.  So off I went.  Using her tutorials, I also managed to fully line it.  Gosh I am clever, and it is lovely.  I love the pockets, I love that the arm caps cover my flabby arm bits (you know where I mean)  I love that it is so comfortable and flattering, and I love that I made it for me.  I don't love the lack of poxy good weather to wear the damn thing though.  

Lastly in really big news, the Monkey is walking.  Yup walking.  I am so damn giddy and proud it is pathetic.  I am also now excited to make some summer clothes for her that don't require some form of knee protection.  I am brimming with ideas but lacking in time so for now I will leave you with this, my first walk in the forest with her.  One of the best afternoons ever!

 and yes she carried that bag around with her the whole time.  A girl has to accessorize for her first big walk.

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