Saturday, 10 August 2013

Just a quicky.

Just had to get this out there.

This bad boy finally got delivered to its owner yesterday, and gosh she was pleased.  So was I for that matter.

She wanted a to have the three houses she has lived in (personally if it was all the houses I have lived in, it would be a small town) lined up as a terrace.  What a wonderful idea.  When I saw the houses in question, I was all over it.  So thanks to a day of rain, a whole lot of bad parenting, Disney and a wee bit of Diago and Dora thrown in, I got stuck in.  

Not really having much to work with but some old photos and google maps, I had to have a bit of (shall we say artistic licence( with the scales but hey when have any of my pictures made sense.  As an architect acquaintance of mine once said, "if any of these buildings actually existed they would fall down, but that is the charm of them".   

Each wee brick and tile is drawn by my little cramped hand, and the results came out so much better than I had hoped.  Next up is my Dad's commission of a canal side row of houses.  Hmmm boats...We will see how that goes.

Lastly here is a wee sneak peek at some stuff I am working on for the shop and some experiments in perspective.  I hope to have a bit more for you as next week.

Working in the round.  Playing with scale and perspective.

A bit of Christmas doodling.

More Christmas doodling.

Hoping to finish this soon and have it in the shop.  More
on this another day.

Colouring book ideas.

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  1. All entirely marvellous and quite, quite brilliant. But you know I think that :o)x